We Need Your Help!

On November 4, 2014 there will be a referendum that will ask voters in the RPS 205 District to vote for or against the authorization for the school board to use the funds existing in then Capital Projects Fund to “build and equip one or more school buildings” in the district. If approved, it would allow for the reallocation of the $139 million set aside last year for the improvement of school buildings. The referendum will not result in a tax increase for any property owners; rather allow the funds to be used to build new schools.
In 39 community meetings with RPS 205, the facilities task force heard, and have now acted, by making the motion to build and equip one or more school buildings as well as provide renovations to every school in the district. This referendum will have no cost to property owners, will provide services to every school in the district and most importantly is based on feedback from the people in which the district serves, you.

Please take a moment to consider the issues and vote YES on November 4th for the Better Schools Brighter Future referendum.

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